DMR 2024

The 5th International Workshop on Designing Meaning Representations
Co-located with LREC-Coling 2024. Torino, Italy
May 21, 2024
Direct Submission
February 19, 2024
February 23, 2024 (extended)
ARR Commitment
March 25, 2024
Acceptance Notification
March 29, 2024
April 2, 2024
All deadlines are 11:59PM UTC-12:00 (“Anywhere on Earth”).
DMR 2024 focuses on meaning representations.
As a special theme this year, we honor Dr. Martha Palmer and
her 50-year legacy of gold standard leadership in NLP.
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DMR's theme this year is
Marthaverse of Meaning

In her 2023 ACL Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech, Dr. Martha Palmer (University of Colorado, Boulder) sums up her 50 years of research in AI and NLP in six words: ``Finding meaning, quite literally, in words.'' This year's Designing Meaning Representations workshop honors Dr. Palmer's 50 year research with a special theme on resources, approaches, and applications that draw upon her manifold contributions to the field.

These resources share attention to semantic detail combined with scalability and, therefore, an ability to generalize to and support a variety of different NLP applications and tasks. Indeed, the applicability of her research extends beyond the textual to the multimodal, where she has broadly contributed to the cross-modal event understanding.

Thus, DMR 2024 seeks to highlight the depth and the breadth of Dr. Palmer's contributions and their influence over the field of natural language processing by inviting the submission of original works that have in any way leveraged, expanded, or been inspired by the ``Marthaverse of Meaning.'' We also seek to recognize Dr. Palmer's long tenure of dedication to outstanding mentorship that has been so powerful for the many students who have gone on to shape the NLP research community and the field at large.